Welcome to Hands On Physical Therapy!

Welcome to Hands On Physical Therapy!

– Physical therapy, acupuncture and massage in Sarasota-

Our unique approach combines Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue Massage with Nutrition and Exercise to meet your individual needs. We help you reach maximal progress in a short time.

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Here’s what makes Hands-On different from other Physical Therapy centers:

We: They:
Personalize your treatment plan to your individual needs. Follow the same cookie cutter protocol for all patients.
Conduct a full-body examination to identify all body deficits. Limit therapy only to the site of pain.
Focus on skilled hands-on therapy to work on muscles and joints. Rely heavily on equipment to do the majority of the work.
Offer a variety of modalities: physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, nutrition. Use the same modalities on everyone.
Schedule one patient per therapist per hour in a private room. Schedule several patients at the same time in an open gym.
Look at the whole individual for physical and emotional factors that contribute to symptoms. Treat only the physical problem.
Treat you until your condition significantly improves or resolves. Treat you just until your prescription runs out.
Design an after-therapy program to retain the progress you’ve made. Discharge you with no follow-up.

Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION if you are:

  • experiencing pain in one or more parts of your body.
  • tired of taking pain medication that causes more side-effects than relief.
  • considering surgery for an orthopedic problem that may be preventable with hands on therapy.
  • frustrated by chronic pain that has sent you from physician to physician without relief.
  • tired with other physical therapy regimens that have offered no improvement.
  • looking for pre- or post-surgical therapy to increase range of motion and speed recovery.

We welcome private patients as well as doctor referrals. Most insurance policies and all major credit cards are accepted. Conveniently located on Clark Road between Sawyer and McIntosh!

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