Our History

Hands-On Physical Therapy was established at its current location in Sarasota in November 2003.

Physical Therapy Building Alan Roberts, a long time friend and client, built this beautiful building for his real estate business. One day, I ran into him while looking for space for my physical therapy practice. It appeared that Alan’s knee was causing him a great deal of pain as he was walking with a discernible limp. In fact, he was scheduled to travel to South America but had decided to cancel his trip because of the leg pain. I offered to do some work on him before he called his travel agent, and his response was typical of many people suffering from chronic ailments: What can you do that the very capable doctors I’ve been seeing couldn’t do? I told him he had nothing to lose, and he agreed to try. After just two hours of physical therapy, he felt enough relief from his pain to go on his trip…and had a great time.

After Alan returned, he offered me some space adjacent to his office. Within six months, I was busy enough to occupy the entire building. Hands-On Physical Therapy has been thriving ever since and has grown to become an integrated center for physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and nutritional support for the Sarasota community.