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Physical Therapist Sarasota

Ofer Nissan, Registered Physical Therapist and Owner
Ofer graduated with a B.A. in Physical Therapy Sciences from Ben Gurion University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in Israel. He applies the unique training he received there to treat his patients here at Hands-On Physical Therapy, the Sarasota practice he established in 2003. His medical training stressed the importance of a comprehensive physical examination at the outset of treatment in order to find the root of the pain. The training he received focuses on manual therapy in the belief that a therapist’s hands are far more sensitive tools for finding problems in soft tissue than the equipment used by many physical therapists today.“Successful physical therapy can change the life of an individual from one of pain and disability to one of improved function and mobility,” says Ofer. With that goal in mind, he has assembled a team of experienced professionals who consult with each other on patient care and treat patients until their problems improve or are resolved. “We have many patients who stay on after their prescribed sessions have expired. They realize that staying healthy requires ongoing attention to aching muscles and joints, especially as they get older.”Ofer’s clinical expertise includes, but is not limited to, outpatient orthopedics-spinal, acute orthopedics and acute or chronic cardiopulmonary conditions, neurological disorders, amputee rehabilitation, pediatric hereditary neurological/orthopedic disorders, peripheral joint problems.  Always interested in patients first, Ofer has added alternative therapies to his practice as they have shown positive results: Acupuncture and massage therapy are both available in conjunction with traditional physical therapy – all covered by most insurance plans.  He and everyone on his team stay on top of cutting edge treatments in order to bring the latest and best care to their patients.
 Yishai Sprung RPT
Yishai is a licensed physical therapist (Florida and Israel) who graduated from Haifa University of Israel in 2007.  He worked for 9 years at Clalit Health Services, the biggest health car provider of Israel, providing outpatient and home care services. He has experience in treating post-operative, acute and chronic conditions from the neck to the foot, planning therapy programs and evaluating patients’ progress. He is a permanent member of the Israeli Physical therapy association and became a certified clinical instructor in Israel in 2012.Yishai takes pride in specializing in Vestibular Rehabilitation, an area of therapy which treats the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo (BPPV).  He also works specifically with balance disorders to help treat and prevent many common issues associated with falling.  He also enjoys working with patients of all ages that have orthopedic and sports injuries.  Yishai has received specialized training in various manual therapy techniques and is continuing to enhance his hands on therapy procedures by attending continuing education courses including: Kinesio taping, pulmonary and vestibular rehabilitation, postural assessments, myofascial release and many more. Outside of work, Yishai lives in Sarasota and is passionate about sports: swimming, basketball and kayaking.
Esthetician Sarasota
Jessica Bronner, Office Manager
Graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in March 2008 majoring in Natural Science concentrated in Skin Care. She has recently decided to further her education into the field of Nursing. Jessica has worked beside Ofer Nissan for the past several years. She loves to help the patients receive the quality service and care they deserve and strives to better serve them in any way possible. She is currently enrolled at HCC and further her education in the nursing field.
Massage Therapist Sarasota
LeAnne Strange, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
LeAnne Strange, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant had 20+ years of out patient rehab experience. She has advanced certifications in Neuromuscular massage, Kinesio taping and Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy.
As a member of the Hands-On team for 12 years she specializes in the treatment of Lymphedema, all phases of injuries rehabilitation, pre and post op physical therapy and chronic musculoskeletal condition. She strongly supports our holistic                                                                      approach to physical therapy at Hands-On. 
Massage Therapist Sarasota 2
Tim Ivko, LMT
A native of Sarasota, Tim is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in many different techniques especially deep tissue neuromuscular massage. He has been in practice since 1996 and loves having the ability to help patients return to an active lifestyle. Book your massage with him today so you can return to your active lifestyle and mobility.