Our Philosophy

Hands-On Physical Therapy offers a completely fresh and multi-disciplinary approach to treating and managing pain – whether from a new injury or a chronic condition.

Our Focus
Physical therapists Sarasota 10Our focus is on manual therapy through a number of different modalities. In addition to physical therapists, we have acupuncturists on staff, as well as massage therapists experienced in both deep tissue and neuromuscular massage. After an initial evaluation, our highly skilled team will discuss your condition and decide which therapeutic techniques will provide you with the most relief.Our practice comes highly recommended by a number of local physicians – some of whom are patients here themselves. Staying healthy requires a balance of activity, rest, and meditation. Our bodies demand proper nutrition, exercise and body work.  At Hands-On Physical Therapy, we address all of these needs. Decide to be healthy by choice, not by chance.

A Personalized Treatment Program
We will customize a treatment plan especially for you, including in-house therapy but also exercises and self care you can perform at home to help manage and speed your recovery.

One-on-One Attention
The therapy sessions are always on a one-on-one basis, either in a private room or in our gym. Your appointment will never  be shared with another patient. We feel it is important to spend time with you individually to help us pinpoint and treat your problem areas with no distractions.

After-Care Program

Acupuncture SarasotaOur after-care program allows our patients to maintain their gains during the course of therapy. We believe in treating you for as long as you are showing improvement. Many of our patients choose to stay on after their prescribed treatment is completed, visiting as often as needed to  stay well.

Physical Therapy Plus…
It’s far easier to stay healthy than to get healthy, so we also help our patients incorporate better nutrition and movement training into their treatment plan.